White Paper on Mandatory Land Title E-Filing in BC

Following the first phase announcement of mandatory e-filing for certain BC land title documents that came on March 11th, Dye & Durham has developed and issued a new white paper discussing many of the issues to be faced by BC lawyers and notaries during the upcoming transition period.

The paper outlines the planning background behind the LTSA’s move toward mandatory e-filing, current usage rates of the EFS, training received by BC lawyers (only 4 in 10 surveyed), and the evolving digital role for BC Registry Agents.

As the author of the paper (and full disclosure, a client of ours), Dye & Durham is understandably motivated to present their vision for the future. The company was an early innovator of e-filing technology with its E-Tray™ web service that sits between many BC law firms and the EFS, and has expanded coverage to other government authorities across Canada.

A URL forwarding to the PDF paper has also been established at: www.mandatoryefiling.ca

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