I Am Canadian

In light of the recent “birthdays” of each of Canada and the United States this past week, I am somewhat re-assured of my Canadianness in noting the differences in media reporting over the relatively notorious jury verdicts on different trials released in the past few days.

Both cases are tragic since they both involved the killing of young children.

In both trials, the accused parents were found not guilty, albeit for different reasons, perhaps surpringsly so based on media accounts (but not apparently too surprising for the respective jurors who sat through weeks of testimony hearing all of the evidence).

The Canadian trial (Guy Trucotte) took place in Quebec. I respect the fact that most Canadian media have reported in a relatively restrained manner on the “not guilty” ruling (due to the accused not being criminally responsible due to a mental illness) (see, for example, a Montreal Gazette report here).

The American trial (Casey Anthony) took place in Florida and I am quite frankly shocked at the media frenzy and the so-called pre-verdict “rush to judgment” by the media pundits.

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