The Friday Fillip: Mixtapes

We here in Canada hark with yearning for the likes of Pandora or Spotify. (I exaggerate slightly.) And we likely will for a while, because the Canadian arms of the big music copyright owners can’t seem to strike a deal with the internet. Which, some might think, only leads to circumnavigation.

One such music-purveying “wide sailor” has made available a bunch of Illustrated Mixtapes that you might enjoy. Gigawatt, a designer, has created sets of mixtape albumns designed to offer you listening pleasure throughout the various stages of your day. Thus, each of the five (soon to be six) sets has albumns styled adagio, moderato, vivace, and presto. An albumn may contain something like a dozen tunes, from a wide variety of artists — among whom you’ll find, for instance, David Bowie, Earl Greyhound, Wilco, feist, Dinosaur Jr., Loose Fur, Pink Floyd…

And, as you can see from the drawing of Jimmy Hendrix above, each albumn is graced with an original drawing of one of the artists — whose works, it should be added, you are urged to buy via hyperlinks to Amazon for each cut.

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