Statutory Holidays in Québec

Happy belated Labour Day! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is good to review the labour standards applicable to statutory general holidays like Labour day and Thanksigiving day (which will fall on October 10, 2011 this year) for the province of Québec. I have no doubt that there are many Québec-based readers on Slaw.

Although many people actually benefit from a paid day off on these holidays, the Québec Act respecting Labour Standards explicitly sets out the conditions surrounding those payments and what happens when you’re required to work on a statutory holiday or how you’re paid if you’re a part-time employee.

The Québec Labour Standards Commission has very well written English-language website which clearly lays out the requirements for statutory holiday pay. Click here for more details and enjoy the holidays!

For those of you from outside la belle province, you’ll note that Remembrance Day is not a holiday in Québec (as it is in most other provinces). I’d be curious to know if anybody has any idea if the Québec legislature ever considered adding it to the list.


  1. Hi,
    I’d be surprised if Québec was alone in that Remembrance Day is not a holiday for everyone in any particular province. Federal public service employees have the day but not for many other employees.