Conference Announcement

I would like to draw the attention of all Slawyers to an important conference being held at UWO next year. It is being organized by Jason Neyers and Stephen Pitel. From my past experience with conferences organized by UWO, I expect this one to provide very useful papers and discussion.

Sixth Biennial Conference on the Law of Obligations: Challenging Orthodoxy
Hosted by The Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada
July 17-20, 2012

The Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario is pleased to be hosting the Sixth Biennial Conference on the Law of Obligations. The conference will bring together leading scholars in tort, contract, equity and unjust enrichment from throughout the common law world.

The theme of the conference is “Challenging Orthodoxy.” We have prepared an academic program of over 60 speakers in which professors, graduate students and eminent practitioners will challenge established common law rules and suggest new approaches to both old and emerging problems. The plenary speakers are Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and Justice Thomas Cromwell (Supreme Court of Canada), Melvin Eisenberg (Berkeley), John Goldberg (Harvard), Andrew Robertson (Melbourne), Ernest Weinrib (Toronto), Richard Wright (Chicago-Kent), and Ben Zipursky (Fordham).

Other speakers include: Gerald Fridman (UWO), Geoff R. Hall (McCarthy Tétrault LLP), Adam Kramer (3 Verulam Buildings, Gray’s Inn ), Angela Swan (Aird & Berlis LLP), and Stephen Waddams (Toronto). Moreover, judges from the Courts of Appeal for Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec and Prince Edward Island will be moderating panels at the conference.

The Obligations Conference originated at the University of Melbourne in 2002, and has since become one of the leading private law conferences in the common law world. The biennial conferences have been held at the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, the National University of Singapore and the University of Oxford.

For more information on the Conference and to register please visit:


  1. Then there’s this conference for which it’s now too late to register (since it took place last May)

    The Nature of Law: Contemporary Perspectives

    I’m sure it was widely advertised at the university level (sigh).

    I may be a refugee from that realm, but …