Updates: Law-Related Movies / iPad Apps

1) Updates to law-related movies:

Thanks to law librarian Christina López at Pitblado LLP in Winnipeg for mentioning a 1931 movie directed by Fritz Lang called “M.”

I have added an entry for this movie to my list of law-related movies, which sort of makes a nice counterpart to the movie “Z,” earlier recommended by one of the Simons.

I haven’t seen the movie and I suspect it may be hard to rent (Christina mentioning she saw it years ago at a revival movie theatre in Montreal).

It tells the story of a child murderer in Germany and the police hunt to track him down, resulting in a “staged” trial used to force a confession from the accused and obtain a conviction, making the point of the importance of legal representation in criminal trials to ensure justice, even for the most abhorrent crimes.

2) iPad Apps:

My new favourite app is Zite, a free “personalized iPad magazine.” It is similar in a way to the award-winning free Flipboard but works in a slightly different manner and truly is a personalized magazine.

As explained on the Zite FAQ page, the makers of Zite explain how their app is different:

Zite makes it easy by tapping into your Google Reader and Twitter history and paying attention to how you interact with the articles you read. Zite gets to know you better and better over time.

. . .

Zite is the first iPad news reader to go beyond manual customization and make use of more powerful technology to provide an individually personalized experience. Your days of wasting time sifting through bad information are over.

Even though I don’t have a Twitter account (yes, Teddy don’t Twitter), logging into my rarely used Google Reader account got Zite populating itself with what it thought was relevant content based on my RSS feeds (content related to law, technology and knowledge management). In addition, the app provides categories that can be used to generate content and you can also enter your own categories. Here is a screenshot showing my home page, with “clickable” categories down the right side that will filter the stories by categories.

Screenshot of iPad App "Zite"

And although I cannot in any way justify a post on SLAW on zombies or relate zombies to legal research, I need to also mention my new, favourite time waster: Zombie Gunship HD. Of all the zombie games on the iPad (and yes, I have a folder on my iPad called Zombie Games), this is now my favourite.


  1. “M” shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s a classic, available from the Criterion Collection on Amazon and, at least in the US, available on DVD, Blu-Ray, or Instant Rental

  2. M is also on Netflix

  3. Ted –

    Thanks so much for your recommendation regarding Zite. I just tried it and it looks promising. It will be interesting to see how it adapts to my reading habits.

    Now, perhaps we’d better discuss your Twitter aversion…