Slaw Site News – 2011-09-08

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1. Comment Watch:

In the last week there were 33 comments. You might be particularly interested in these:

  • David Collier-Brown on Hacking Into Bank Accounts – What Is the Bank’s Responsibility?
  • Omar Ha-Redeye pointing to a recent case relevant to his post The Perils of Social Media – Should You Quit the Internet?
  • and a small flurry of responses to the post Do You Still Fax?

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2. SlawTips

This week’s tips on SlawTips are:

You’ll find a brief excerpt of this week’s tips on Slaw, but the links above will take you to the full versions, along with 100 more tips. Advice you can use — short and to the point — every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

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3. Maritime Law Book Selected Summaries

This week’s Maritime Law Book case summaries are in precis on Slaw and full at

  • R. v. Ruffolo (R.A.) 2011 BCCA 359
  • R. v. Degiorgio (T.) 2011 ONCA 527
  • Irving (J.D.) Ltd. v. Siemens Canada Ltd. et al. 2011 FC 791
  • Holowa Estate, Re 2011 ABQB 23
  • F.R. et al. v. D.T. et al. 2011 SKQB 261
  • R. v. Agengo (D.) 2011 ABQB 430

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