2011 FOI Audit

On the 26th, Newspapers Canada released its 2011 National Freedom of Information Audit.

Everybody fails, apparently, (and especially BC, and Ottawa) except PEI. At least, that’s what the reporting emphasizes, though the report itself is more balanced. 88% of BC requests were not filled within the required 30 business days, though all eventually were.

Newspapers Canada also followed up on its audit with further requests for department emails, some of which it has released, concerning the audit itself, and that is where the really interesting story is, as reported by the Tyee. Apparently the various arms of the BC government became aware they were being tested, and that resulted in a special effort, revealing a consciousness of the importance of the issue to the public, as well as a lack of integrity in the process. Perhaps that goes some way to explaining the 12% success rate here.

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