Adam Dodek

We’re pleased to announce that Adam Dodek is joining Slaw.

Adam is an Associate Professor in the common law section of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. He teaches and writes about public law, legal ethics, the legal profession and the Supreme Court of Canada. He is a founding member of the Canadian Association for Legal Ethics (CALE). And at the moment he is writing a book about solicitor-client privilege. You might take a look at his recent work, “Courthouse Cancellations and Challenges to Self-Regulation: Correspondent’s Report from Canada” (Legal Ethics, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 125-28, Summer 2011) which:

… addresses the continuing Canadian angst regarding self-regulation of the legal profession and the continuing investigation into allegations of judicial misconduct against Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, stemming from her actions prior to her appointment to the bench.

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