Send Us Your Events: TalkLaw/ParLoi on Slaw

We tend to get requests at Slaw to publish notices of upcoming events of interest to the legal profession. And often we’ll come across such planned events in the course of checking out the news of the day. This use of Slaw for announcements is somewhat haphazard, though — and an entry about an event soon disappears off the main page. So to see if we can improve our reporting of upcoming events, we’ve launched TalkLaw/ParLoi. (You can get to it via either or

TalkLaw/ParLoi is essentially a cluster of Google calendars for various Canadian cities where events happening in those cities can be posted. You can see a brief version of the combined calendar in Slaw’s sidebar on the right and you can get the full version of the calendar on our sister site TalkLaw/ParLoi. You can, of course, simply keep your eye on the calendar as a means of staying in touch, or you can subscribe to the calendar of your choice in your own calendar.

Working with more than a dozen Google calendars can be a bit tricky, so there are bound to be bugs and infelicities. We welcome reports about these from you.

Even more, though, we welcome information from you about upcoming events. Send it to Increasingly events that take place in one city are made available generally via webcasting, so please indicate whether or not the event you’re notifying us about will in fact be webcast. A double asterisk (**) at the start of event titles will mark events that are available online in this way.


  1. I find it interesting that the functionality of the calendar system responds to the local language. I am accessing Slaw today from Vienna, and of course the text remains fully in English (or I suppose occasionally French somewhere). But the dates for the upcoming events on this new service are shown in German. The first one is currently listed for Freitag 14 Oktober. The events themselves are described in their original language.

    How do you suppose that works? To connect to the Net I simply plugged my ethernet cable into the jack in the place I’m staying: no codes, no signing up for anything – but some code in the Google system clearly recognizes a date and a language system and coordinates them.

    The dates on the Slaw Tips items remain in English.