New HeinOnline App

The staff at HeinOnline have a new, free HeinOnline iPad app to access their database.

Logging into the app is easy and users are invited to have their login and password information remembered.

Once logged in, one gets a table of contents of the various libraries in their database, depending on the scope of one’s subscription (e.g., Law Library Journal, US Reports, English Reports, Legal Classics, and so on).

Browsing by law journal title and volume is easy to do. At that stage, there is an option of viewing the table of contents for the particular volume. The screenshot below shows the “view” of the first page of a recent article on HeinOnline from the Canadian Law Library Review written by SLAW’s own Mark Lewis.

Screenshot of Canadian Law Library Review from HeinOnline iPad App

When viewing the articles in PDF, it is easy enough to expand the text or slide from page to page.

One can also search the full-text of the various libraries by keyword. The screenshot below shows the search example they use in their iTunes page, being:

<< title: “Right to Privacy” >>

Screenshot of Search results from a full-text search of HeinOnline using their iPad app

This search, when run in the Law Library Journals library, returns articles with that phrase in the title of the article.

Prior to this app being available, I was accessing HeinOnline on my iPad using the Safari browser. The app is definitely easier and quicker.

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