Library 2.011: Free 24-Hour Online Library Conference Reaches 6,000 Registrants

I have been remiss at mentioning the free online conference Library 2.0 that started today at 9:30 am ET and continues around the clock through to the end of tomorrow. This page has a schedule of sessions listed according to your time zone. For a quick look at the schedule, check out the Eastern Standard Time schedule — sessions typically run for a 1/2 hour.

There is still time to sign up! Register for the Library 2.0 site. All sessions will be run using the Blackboard Collaborate platform. Session rooms have a bandwidth-related limit of 700 attendees. Word via Twitter is that there are approximately 6,000 registrants. There are a number of concurrent sessions, and of course most people will not be watching the full 24 hours. There are over 150 sessions in all. All will be recorded.

The hash tag #lib2011 is being used on sites such as Twitter.

I hope you will at least stop by for one or two sessions!


  1. I am must signing in now and have a bit more information–

    Once you have access to the main site, you need to configure Blackboard Collaborate (a link is provided on the site). This may involve downloading a file. Then from the schedule, copy the individual session link and paste it into your browser to open it in Blackboard Collaborate (again, it may download a file).