Thoughts on Time Management

Over at the Small Firm Innovation blog there’s been a number of terrific posts with some of the legal industry’s top minds sharing their thoughts on time management.

Niki Black kicks the discussion off with a discussion of how the just-released iPhone 4S’s digital assistant Siri can be used to more efficiently manage our time. Niki describes how Siri’s voice recognition facilities not only allow iPhone 4S users to efficiently and easily create appointments, tasks to help with managing their time, but how they can save time by dictating these items while we would otherwise be unproductive (such as while commuting).

Chad Burton picks up this line of thinking with a description of how he manages his time using some old-school tricks, such as dictation, to help make the most of his time. By combining new technologies like cloud computing with “old school” technologies like dictation, Chad is able to get work done anywhere, anytime.

Jared Correia describes time management as a variant of task management in “Two Tiers in a Bucket: Time Management on Lock Down.” Jared puts a novel metaphor at work by viewing tasks as boats moving through a canal lock system – by relentlessly reviewing and advancing tasks through this staged system, we will be able to keep on top of (and keep advancing) our most important tasks.

Donna Seyle shares her Top 10 tips on time management in “How to Manage Not to Waste Your Time” – importantly, Donna points out that implementing these time management techniques take time. In what will become a paradoxical non-starter to some, we need to budget time to implement time management practices.

Meanwhile, Carolyn Elefant, in a post titled “Got No Time for Time Management” outlines her skepticism of time management practices in general. So-called time management consultants try to sell us a utopia where we go home at 5 PM sharp with everything on our to-do list crossed off, but the realities of the modern workday make this an impossible (and maybe even an undesirable?) end-game.

What are your thoughts on time management? Let me know about your own tips and tricks in the comments.


  1. Some great links here, thanks for sharing.

    What I noticed when I first started reading about time management, was that Time Management is actually a lesson in self-understanding. You can read every technique in the world and try them all: the point is making it your own.
    I started thinking more specifically about HOW I work best, and why that might be, and from there adopted the techniques and tools I could learn from others, combining them into a system that works for me.

    It was a lesson in “self”.

  2. For me time management will closely relate to your skill in setting the goal. Time management actually is a self management. The scope of the management will deal more with your self discipline in doing your tasks.

    But have a strong discipline is not enough. The time is limited, you can not demand more than a 24-hour time per day. If you only maintain your discipline to complete your task you could make your self exhausted, run out of time but feel unsatisfied with the performance that you have.

    Setting the goal gives you a clear direction for each time that you have and determine kinds of tasks that you should do. If you could set the goal clear, specific, inspired and has a meaning for you, you will know kinds of tasks that really important for you. You will find the steps to its achievement and you only need to focus to those tasks. You will not demand your self to do all tasks since the goal has prune your tasks shorter. You just need to do the tasks that count to the goal.

  3. Thoughts in time management:-
    1. Time flies. It’s up to u to be d navigator.
    2. Time is life. To waste time is to waste ur life.
    3. U will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.
    4. Do today what must be done. Your tomorrow may never come.
    5. Time lost is never found again.
    6. You can’t catch one hog when u r chasing two.
    7. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift, that is y they call it present.
    8. Time stays long enough for who uses it.
    9. Time makes heroes but dissolves celebrities.
    10. To do two things at once is to do neither.
    11. Time has no meaning in itself unless we choose to give its significance.
    12. The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.