Library Candy

My parenting partner and our progeny were creative with their gifts this holiday season. I thought I would share some photos of their labour. Since many Slaw readers are library folk, you might enjoy seeing “The Coffee Book Table”.

The Coffee Book Table is a storage cabinet with a drawer. The Mireaus have been brainstorming on titles to add to the books. So far we have come up with:

  • A Table of Two Cities
  • Aesop’s Tables
  • A Tall Table
  • Tables from the Crypt

Any other title ideas?


  1. Very clever!

    What about

    The Table of Peter Rabbit
    The Handmaid’s Table

  2. A Handmaid’s Table is a front runner

  3. Complete Tables? Selected Tables? Tables Out of School? The Table of Genji? Periodic Table? Table Talk? Coffee Table Book? Tables of Mystery and Imagination?

  4. The Periodic Table…love it

  5. Neat gift! Some great titles.

    “When the Tables Turn”

  6. Table of Contents

  7. What a beautiful gift! Couldn’t resist: Table of Authorities.

  8. “Tables of Reading”. I love it!

  9. I know this is an old post but I just watched and the “Periodic Table Table” video. The table was made by Theo Gray, co-founder of Wolfram Research and it is unbelieveable. It also brought to mind this post! Watch at