New Slaw Columnists

We are pleased indeed to announce that a number of new columnists are joining Slaw.

Paula Black is a legal business development and branding consultant and coach based in Miami, Florida, and has recently been recognized by Managing Partner Magazine as a leading legal marketing expert. She is also the author of three “Little Black Books” on legal marketing and a blog, In Black and White.

Catherine Sanders Reach  has recently become the Director, Law Practice Management and Technology for the Chicago Bar Association. Before that she was the Director at the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center for over ten years. Catherine has a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies and worked in library and information science environments for a number of years. Many Slaw readers will know her from her active life as a panelist on technology at many conferences over the recent years.

Slaw is instituting a new group within the columnists, adding Dispute Resolution to the seven groups that already exist. And we’ve got four new columnists to staff that group:

Karim Benyekhlef is a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal and Scientific Director of the Center for International Studies and Research there. Among his many other roles, Karim is the instigator of the first proposed regulations for online conflict, and he also heads the Laboratory on Cyberjustice.

Kari D. Boyle is the Executive Director of the Vancouver-based Mediate BC Society, which offers viable and affordable dispute resolution options to the citizens of British Columbia. Previously, she practiced corporate commercial litigation in Vancouver for 14 years, worked inhouse for 6 years specializing in legal services management and, most recently, provided support to the Civil Justice Reform Working Group and the initiative to create a new set of Supreme Court Civil Rules in British Columbia.

Michael Erdle is a co-founder of Practical Resolutions Inc. in Toronto aimed at assisting those involved in technology and intellectual property disputes to resolve them through facilitated negotiations, mediation and arbitration. Michael has more than 20 years’ experience as a technology and intellectual property lawyer, is a director of the ADR Institute of Ontario and the Canadian IT Law Association, and has been designated a Chartered Mediator and Arbitrator by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Ian R. Mackenzie has been an adjudicator and mediator for ten years. He was a vice-chair of the Public Service Labour Relations Board until 2011 and is currently a vice-chair with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. He was the English course director for a training program for new federal tribunal members for five years and has made many presentations on administrative justice issues. He is writing a book on the law of decision writing.

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