3D Web Presentations

From an item I just posted on Stem’s newly launched blog The Greenhouse, a javascript library is now available called impress.js that replicates many of zooming effects found in Prezi.com. For those not familiar with Prezi, this web presentation tool delivers a number of cool 3D effects, zooming in and out of your presentation elements.

The impress.js library offers similar effects, but without the flash technology. Developed by Bartek Szopka, it is also open source, and utilizes CSS3 3D transitions found in newer webkit supported browsers — which means you’ll need Chrome or Safari to see the effects in this demo.

It’s interesting to see some of the Prezi presentation experience recreated in webpages. It also demonstrates how far web presentation on open web standards has truly come.

If the geeky webby code-mongering doesn’t bother you, please drop by The Greenhouse for more in the future! :)


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