Assange’s Appeal to the UK Supreme Court

Julian Assange’s extradition appeal was heard at the UK’s highest court on 1 and 2 February. Assange is trying to avoid being sent to Sweden to face allegations relating to sexual encounters there in 2010. The key issue is whether a public prosecutor is a valid judicial authority.

Two things about this appeal illustrate the flexibility of what is wrongly thought to be a crusty, fossilized world. Both barristers in this extremely high profile case are women. And the proceedings were broadcast live from the court room. Here is an extract from the hearing.

And Simon Chester’s post today reports an announcement that the court will start official tweets of judgments .


  1. One would hope that the UK legal court landscapers have well defined policies and parameters (materially and substantially) for the use of social media in their court rooms?

    I am glad we have the opportunity to look carefully before we leap since the impact can remain intact for a longtime.