Technology Strategy and Direction

I spent last week at LegalTech in New York. It was a huge, thought provoking, intimidating, useful, connected, and intriguing experience. I was sent to the conference to investigate software in some specific market segments for my firm, and it was very useful for making connections with vendors and surveying the landscape of available products. There were very few librarians in the crowd.

The LegalTech experience could lead someone to believe that the most important technology function in our industry is eDiscovery. Predictive coding was another theme that bubbled to the surface multiple times along with cloud computing solutions.

Contrast themes from LegalTech with CanLII’s recently released Strategic Priorities. Simon outlined this document for Slawyers last week, but today the Edmonton Law Libraries Association hosted a lunch with Colin Lachance, CanLII President and CEO, follow him on twitter.

LegalTech’s recurring themes, at least for me, of eDiscovery, predictive coding and storing and using information in the cloud are all about content, accessing and delivering content in efficient ways. CanLII’s first three strategic priorities are all about content, accessing enriched content and delivering content in a manner that encourages continued use of this vibrant service.

My law firm library is about content, access to enriched content, and delivering content in a manner that encourages use of our library services. Legal technology and law libraries appear to be aligned along the same themes. Perhaps it isn’t that weird to send librarians to technology conferences.

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