What Lawyers Do

“What _____ do” seems to be the latest meme. As a break from the serious issues surrounding things like the lawful access bill, here are some that might resonate with Slaw readers.



  1. Funny and clever. Thanks.

    On topic with the BC Civil Liberties Association:
    1. Published a comprehensive 78 pg. report–“Moving Toward a Surveillance Society: Proposals to Expand “Lawful Access” by Philippa Lawson.
    2. Public screening of (Un) Lawful Access: Canadian Experts on the State of Cyber-Surveillance, a mini-documentary produced by Dr. Kate Milberry.

    Is Canada bending to peer pressure (from the Council of Europes’ Convention on Cyber crime) in enacting this legislation?

    How will our Courts deal with the issues of “security, spying, secrecy”, and Canada’s binding agreement under an international treaty?