“Scholarfy” Bookmarklet

Google keeps revising its menu structure, and one of the recently demoted links was Scholar: you now have to do three clicks to call it up from the Google search page—More, Even More, & finally Scholar. Johan Ugander, a grad student at Cornell, has come up with a bookmarklet, Scholarfy, that will take you with one click from the main Search page right to results in Scholar. (You have to go to Google Search to begin with. You can then either enter your search term and hit the bookmarklet, or do it in the reverse order.)

Readers of Slaw will know that Scholar searches databases of patents and many US judgments as well as of scholarly journal articles.

Ugander says he’s tested in Firefox and Chrome. Readers can tell us about whether it works in IE.


  1. It does. Right click on the bookmarklet link and add it to favourites.

  2. This tool works brilliantly. It has greatly enhanced my legal research. Very clever and functional creation!

  3. Ditto for Safari. Cheers, Simon and Mr Ugander!

    – Kim