You Might Like… Some Entertainments on King, Bohemia, Elements, Happiness, Rio and More

This is a post in a series appearing each Friday, setting out some articles, videos, podcasts and the like that contributors at Slaw are enjoying and that you might find interesting. The articles tend to be longer than blog posts and shorter than books, just right for that stolen half hour on the weekend. It’s also likely that most of them won’t be about law — just right for etc.

Please let us have your recommendations for what we and our readers might like.

Canadian Poetry Online | University of Toronto Libraries – W.L.M.K. – F.R. Scott – One wonders what the lawyer-poet would make of S.J.H. Does anyone write poetry about politics anymore? “How shall we speak of Canada. . . “

Intelligent Life – Mood Music: Make Me Smile – Laura Barton – Cheer up! Canada makes it into this piece, too, thanks to Kate & Anna McGarrigle’s sung poetry. They and seven other musicians perform “songs to lift you up,” the first in a series of playlists from the Economist folks. No samples, though, alas. But here’s the link to the snippet of theMcGarrigles’ song on iTunes, and you’ll find the rest there too.

The European Magazine – Roma in Europe: Bohemia Revisited – Daniel Baker – “In a time when an increasing percentage of European feel alienated from their governments and at the mercy of economic forces, the Roma are no longer the only marginalized group. Crisis can become the spawning point for new inclusivity.”

Dezeen – Old Workshop – Jack Woolley – “People strolling by this brick wall in London might miss the disguised entrance to a secret office and home.” You’ll see if you read past the slideshow that the ground floor is, well, below ground.

Open Culture – “The Periodic Table Table”: All The Elements in Hand-Carved Wooden Boxes – Theo Gray – Ah, the fascination of watching a geek do his thing. The thing to do after you see this five-minute video is to listen to Tom Lehrer sing the Elements Song.

The Economist – Daily chart: Happiness and GDP – anon – As usual in these sorts of things, Canada doesn’t make the list, so it’s up to you to guess whether we’re happier than Japan or Australia or Mexico. The lesson it means to teach is one that’s been touted a lot lately, as the economy deteriorates.

Flickr – photograph – Nicolò Biondani – Speaking of happiness, here’s a motto for the truly disaffected, all the way from 1529 (supposedly): “chi po non vo / chi vo non po, / chi sa non fa, / chi fa non sa / et così il mondo mal va” In case you need a translation, there’s one and a bit of discussion on Language Log.

Byliner – One Way Forward (Excerpt) – Lawrence Lessig – “In this excerpt from [his new book] the bestselling Lawrence Lessig considers the history of open source and ‘read-write’ culture, and argues for the promise of a political equivalent to such movements.” Which is a mash up devoutly to be desired.

Vimeo – City of Samba – Jarbas Agnelli – Carnival’s over, but here’s a blast from the past (2011) in Rio, five minutes plus of film given that “tilt shift” treatment that makes everything look toy. Curious. Captivating.

Vanity Fair – The Girls at the Front – Evgenia Peretz – If these “girls” were dancing, it was away from bullets and mortar rounds. Christiane Amanpour, Marie Colvin and Janine di Giovanni covered the wars—and still do. Read how in this 2002 article.

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