LTSA Business Plan

♫ All the details in the fabric? ♫ 

Lyrics and music by Jason Mraz and Dan Wilson, recorded by Jason Mraz.

The Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) has now published its 2012-2015 Business Plan.

Along with its strategic objective of completing its multi-year modernization activities in 2012 , the LTSA has two major new objectives:

The Integrated Customer Portal (ICP) and Consolidated Parcel Fabric (CPF).

The LTSA is working on a new web portal hosting the LTSA’s existing Electronic Services and an authoritative electronic map representation of all private and provincial Crown land parcels in BC.

The Integrated Customer Portal is expected to launch in 2014, while the new electronic map known as the Consolidated Parcel Fabric is expected to be made available to governments and industry after the portal launch. Both the portal and Consolidated Parcel Fabric will be multi-year, multi-phased initiatives with the majority of the work occurring only after the LTSA completes its business modernization initiative in the fall of 2012.

The Integrated Customer Portal will offer customers a single, modern web access point to the LTSA’s information and services. Customers will benefit from familiar user interfaces, and the LTSA will gain increased technological agility to meet changing customer requirements.

The Consolidated Parcel Fabric will provide strengthened economic and social opportunities across the province by delivering a complete geo-referenced visual representation of all private and provincial Crown land parcels to a known level of data quality which will improve business efficiencies for government and private industry, as well as provide value to the general public. The intent is for the Consolidated Parcel Fabric to be hosted on the LTSA’s new portal.

Both of these projects are aimed at the LTSA’s commitment to provide high-value electronic services to customers and stakeholders, and ensure that BC remains a leader in secure and reliable land information.

The LTSA Business Plan has been approved by the LTSA’s Board of Directors and is supported by the LTSA’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee.

It looks like the LTSA will ensure that all the details will be in the fabric…

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