Failures and Metal Postcard

Initially I was going to write about the latest publishing developments and products post the easter break. But as most of you will know a bombshell hit the legal world earlier in the month: the collapse of Dewey in the US will, I suggest, have long term ramifications for both major publishers in the US market, particularly if partners and employees are owed large sums by the firm. We imagine there are more than a few unpaid bills that will remain unpaid or will be paid back on Greek terms over a very long period of time to publishers, content and tech suppliers. [Ed note: See the recent post by Simon Chester, bearing out this prediction, made weeks earlier.]

Unfortunately for both Lexis and Westlaw, they have over the past few years decided to adopt a multifaceted supplier approach to the market’s becoming tech as well as content suppliers, which, as always, is fine when the market is up; but with an unforeseen disaster like this, it will mean that things are twice as bad when things are on the down.

It obvious from the rumors this year that Lexis margins are plainly tight and I doubt Westlaw can rejoice in losing such a big client.

What’s even more worrying for publishing execs is the fact that a number of writers have suggested that Dewey may not be the only rotten apple in the barrel, and a few more firms may unravel over the next 12-18 months.

2008-9 was a terrible time for law firms as financial institutions cut their losses. Recently it looked like things were repairing themselves. But now, if we are to see a spate of failures because of mismanagement at law firms or a failure to correct obvious flaws in the operations of law firms ( billing practices/ partnerships/ cash flow / clients and so on and so forth), first to suffer will be law firm employees — and especially, as we all know, those in support positions and also suppliers to law firms.

Like everybody else we are holding our breath to see if this is just a nasty jolt or the start of a pattern.

And now as they say in Monty Python… “Now For Something Completely Different”

Your writer has a number of hats and in order to make life more exciting than reporting the latest rather dull Lexis or Westlaw press release I have a small independent record company ( http://www.metalpostcardrecords) which has been in existence for nigh on a decade. Yes, who’d have known! This summer for the first time we’re putting on a Festival in Portland Oregon and as we’re not far from Canadian shores we thought it might be worthwhile to offer two free weekend passes to SLAW readers. The festival runs under the title “Sometimes A Great Notion.” All you need to do is be the first to tell us why, where , what about the name, and two free weekend passes are yours.

And here’s the information about the festival . Hoping to see at least two of our readers at the festival

Metal Postcard Records an independent label based in Hong Kong is putting on a festival in Portland OR over the last weekend of July at the disjecta arts centre, 27-29 July 2012. Acts Appearing include:

  •  Felice Brothers (New York)
  • Peaking Lights LA)
  • Ed Kuepper ( Saints / Laughing Clowns) (Brisbane)
  • White Fang (Portland)
  • Chris T-T ( London)
  • Pairs – Shanghai – Video
  • Volt In Music Hong Kong – Video
  • Bad Thoughts (Melbourne)
  • Ollo ( Sydney)
  • Rake Wickman ( Faroe Isles)
  • The Emergency ( Melbourne)
  • Swoop Swoop ( Perth)
  • Kid Static ( LA)
  • Erasers (Perth)
  • Strangled Darlings (Portland)
  • Worng (Melbourne)

+ more to be announced and a Friday night amazing Mystery guest being confirmed who wrote songs that Elvis, Ray Charles, Otis Rush, and Hank Williams Jr amongst others have popularized

If you want to know more let me know and happy to tell you what you need, supply mp3’s – images and so on and so forth. Here are various links

Facebook Metal Postcard:

Facebook Sometimes A Great Notion:






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