CanLII, Maritime Law Book, and Slaw Announce Collaborative Project

As readers of Slaw will know, we approached Maritime Law Book a little over a year ago with the idea of a collaboration in which MLB would select certain of its case summaries for Slaw to make freely available online. Slaw converts the summary to HTML and places a precis of it online, along with a link to the full summary in PDF on Slaw’s site and a link to the free version on the MLB site of the unedited case report. (The more than 300 such summaries are available here; the criteria by which MLB selects them can be found here.) Now thanks to an initiative by Colin Lachance, President of CanLII, CanLII users accessing cases for which MLB and Slaw summaries exist can access those summaries directly from the relevant case on the CanLII site.

Here’s a graphic showing how this “See also” link on CanLII appears (click on the image to enlarge it):

This link will take you to the actual CanLII page for the case used as an illustration above.

Slaw is proud to be part of this small but significant step in making law more freely and readily available to Canadians, and we look forward to expanding our efforts in this vein.


  1. Since this announcement was made have added an additional 20 links to the Maritime Law Book / Slaw summaries, and we continue to add the links within a week or two of the summaries appearing here.

    Early feedback on this initiative has been quite positive and we remain very grateful to Maritime Law Book and Slaw for their efforts in this initiative.

    At this point, I’m happy to share the news that a further 500+ CanLII cases now provide a link through to greater understanding courtesy of a forward-thinking legal publisher.

    Lancaster House, as part of its contribution to CanLII users of a free e-text on wrongful dismissal and employment law, is also providing CanLII users with free access to a wide selection of case summaries and commentaries from their very popular case alert service. CanLII users already had access to the commentaries where the relevant cases we referenced in the e-text, but they can now reach them directly through the cases as well.

    In some instances, such as this decision of the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, CanLII users will see commentary options from both Maritime Law Book and Lancaster House.

    We are confident that legal professionals and the general public alike will benefit from the willingness of these greatly respected publishers to provide free access to their expert insights.

    Colin Lachance