Apple Announces iPhone5

Apple just announced the new iPhone 5. Some of the features Apple is touting:

Thinner and lighter – apparently the world’s thinnest smartphone. A bit taller than before, which give a bigger screen (close to 16:9)and better colour. Apps designed for the current screen size will be letterboxed like a TV.

It includes LTE for most major US and Canadian telcos. (Apparently no NFC, though.)

It has a new, faster, more energy efficient CPU (the A6), and longer battery life.

Of course an improved camera.

Enhanced audio.

A new, smaller “Lightning” connecter replaces the current Apple connector. (It’s about time. They will no doubt make a lot of money selling adapters.)

New iOS6 operating system, including updated Siri voice command.

Comes in black and white.

Price the same as for the 4s.

Pre-orders start Friday. Shipping on Sept 21 in US, Canada, and several other countries.

On Sept 19, iOS6 available for iPad and iPhone 4

For more detail and commentary, check out the tech press, including and

No doubt Apple will sell the iPhone 5 in huge numbers. But the competition is fierce, particularly with the latest Android Jelly Bean OS phones, and the new Windows 8 phones. 

Just for the record, I’m sticking with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for now – even though it is extremely frustrating that the Jelly Bean OS has not been pushed out to it it. (Apparently that is a Samsung issue, not a carrier issue.) Apple has set the expectation that new OSs will be available for existing devices at the same time they are released to new devices. That’s something that Apple’s competitors have not yet got right.

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