Supermarket Law

Mitch Kowalski’s SLAW piece last week points to digital developments at the up-market UK clothier Burberry, as illustrative of what’s coming for legal services.

At the opposite end of the market there was another development in the UK last week. The Co-op supermarket chain announced the addition of a family law branch to the legal services it offers, which will evidently include fixed tariff family law and face to face advice, from over 1,000 locations.

One of the Coop’s major competitors in legal services, is Tesco supermarket.

Qualilty Solicitors with over 400 locations in a huge advertising campaign (developed by Saatchi) is promising same day response, free initial telephone consultations, open Monday to Saturday. They are openly battling “supermarket law” deriding it as faceless, remote and unable to offer the personal element.

Competition for the consumer market in legal services is stiff on UK main streets.


  1. Karen Dunn Skinner

    Competition is certainly stiff in the UK legal market, but it’s not actually coming from Tesco. As far as I can tell, they don’t have a legal services offering and don’t plan one.

    The Co-Op, however, is certainly one to watch.

  2. Thank you Karen. Apologies. Tesco Law seems to be the name given to the movement.