Your Desert Island Legal Book

I was perusing my library collection this morning while shelving books. This activity made me think of great new titles that are slated for upcoming release, my 2013 library collection budget, and which hard copy title that I wouldn’t, and couldn’t live without.

Would it be a reference work, a general text, a text specific to an area of law, an annotated set of the Rules of Court?

Consider that your desert island has high speed internet service and someone with good negotiating skills to acquire a broad spectrum of reasonably priced electronic subscriptions. The electronic subscriptions include Canadian secondary sources in electronic form. What hard copy title would you buy – no matter what?

I have decided on Sullivan on the Construction of Statutes. Though I would prefer to take a new edition with me, this 2008 text would allow me to answer plenty of questions and it is not a text that is yet available online.

What is your desert island legal book?


  1. I miss working with Stevenson and Côté, back in the days it was two volumes. All those annotations! I haven’t worked with the five volume set, which I think doesn’t exist electronically. I imagine the learnings opportunities are immense. (Perhaps even how to get off the island…)

  2. Well, for me it would have to be the two volume set by Raymond Brown, “The Law of Defamation in Canada”.

    Unfortunately this would have to be paired with “Gatley, On Libel and Slander”

    Nothing like the blood soaked battlefields of bruised ego’s to while away the hours whilst in the company of scantily clad young ladies bearing alcoholic concoctions and jugs of sun block….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. The Oxford Companion to Law, but not the current version, but David M. Walker’s slyly subversive first edition