A Picture = 1K Words

The old saying goes that a picture is worth 1000 words, so if your amicus brief was limited to five pages at roughly 250 words a page you would have 1250 words to state your position (after previously submitting a 25 page brief -6250 words). For an in-depth legal position such as an ebook price fixing case, 1250 words is very little so if you have the ability why not harness the power of a picture being worth 1000 words and submit the equivalent of a 11250 word brief?

That is exactly what Bob Kohn did in submitting his brief as a comic strip and makes a very convincing argument at that.

Cartoon Brief

More explanation

I particularly like how the citations were worked in. Is this perhaps a future trend?


  1. David Collier-Brown

    Not in the short term: his follow-up was plain text (;-))