Call for 2012 Clawbies Nominations

The month of December has arrived, and so have the 7th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards — a.k.a. the Clawbies! Our public nomination period runs throughout the month; and with the list over at closing in on 400 blogs, the choices are better than ever.

Please head over to the site for the complete details, but here’s a quick summary of how the awards work:

  • Everyone is invited to nominate three of their favourite Canadian law blogs by tweeting (#clawbies2012), emailing, or blogging their choices. And we’re saying it clearly this year: don’t nominate your own blog.
  • Our judging panel is back, including myself, Jordan Furlong, and Simon Fodden.
  • We’ll be creating (and updating) a big list of your nominations over at the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, starting in about a week’s time.
  • The final cutoff for nominations is Thursday December 27th, with the winners being announced on New Year’s Eve at

The best part of the Clawbies season has always been seeing “who reads who”, and their explanation why. Some nominations will endorse peers, some bloggers will cite those who influence their academic reading, and some are more industry focused. Approach really doesn’t matter, so please participate in your way. And have some fun with it!

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