LESA Supports Its Volunteers

The Legal Education Society of Alberta is recognizing the more that 600 people in Alberta, mostly lawyers, who volunteer their time to support legal education in our province. How are they doing that? By sharing a full day seminar with volunteers about a topic that is potentially useful to anyone on the legal community: social media.

Today we are in Edmonton (April 25 the session will be repeated). We are starting the day with Marliss Weber and Randy Brososky giving an overview titled Social Media 101.


Tweets about this session are at #lesaonline.


  1. Shaunna thank you for sharing your thoughts on legal research using social media at our conference. A bigger thank you for being one of our volunteers!

  2. Interestingly, neither LESA’s blog nor its twitter feed have any mention of this upcoming seminar #rainonyourweddingday

  3. You have been heard Mike! http://blog.lesaonline.org/ The time stamp (Alberta time) on this is 10 minutes after your Slaw Comment.
    There was an @lesaonline tweet during the session though. Marliss used it as an example of how hashtags work.
    Cheers, Shaunna

  4. Thanks Shaunna!

    It was just a bit of pique on my part – I follow LESA both on twitter and RSS, and I’m a frequent LESA volunteer, and this was the first I’d heard of the session.