New Ontario Superior Court of Justice Website

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has launched a new website this month. The site will be rolling out additional features in the coming months, but already has a new section for the public called “Going to Court?” which provides some basic information about the justice system. There is also a page in this section for teachers and students which provides instructional resources.

In Chief Justice Heather Forster Smith’s speech during the Opening of the Courts on Sept. 24, 2013, she focused on access to justice and the role of technology. In addition to envisioning greater e-filing in the courts, she described the new digital recordings before the Ontario Court of Justice, and the policy for electronic devices in the courtrooms. The new website integrates well with both of these initiatives, as she described below:

The details of both of these policies are readily available on the Superior Court’s website, which brings me to a further successful initiative this year. Our court’s website is being entirely revamped with the goal of providing much more practical information for the public about all facets of the court’s operation. Our most recent bi-annual report, released last November, is available on our website. I highly recommend this report as a valuable source of information on the many initiatives I am describing today.

Changes may be finally happening in our court system, perhaps not as fast as we would like, but it does appear to be on the horizon. The new website will be a good resource to help keep abreast of those changes.

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