Australian Court to Recruit Retired Judge as Blogger

The British daily The Guardian reports that the Supreme Court in the Australian state of Victoria wants to make the justice system more understandable for citizens by making its website more interactive and hiring a retired judge to blog about cases:

“[Victorian Chief Justice Marilyn] Warren said the court’s new interactive website would become a hub for the court’s communication with the public, who would be able to comment on the website, watch video on demand, debate in online forums, and download judgments and summaries.”

“She said employing a retired judge to blog the courts represented a ‘historic shift away from traditional judicial reluctance to explain or defend judicial decisions that are made in accordance with the rule of law’.”

“Warren added that other experts, including academics and journalists, would also be invited to blog for the court.”

Warren’s speech about the challenges of new technologies and how her court intends to respond to them (Open Justice in the Technological Age, October 21, 2013) can be found on the court’s website.

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