Slaw Takes a Break

Posting on Slaw will be light over the next little while as we let go of the legal world to take a holiday. Though there will be a few entries during the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day, things won’t get back to normal here until the second day of the new year.

It’s been a good twelve months for Slaw. Our readership keeps growing: last month, for example, we had just under 74,000 unique visitors who made just over 211,000 visits, a rise of more than thirty percent over 2012. Debate, correction, diversion and education continue in your comments, as we just top the 15,000 comments mark. And after eight-and-a-half years of publication every work day, our thought remains the same: thank you for reading what we write; you are the whole point, after all.

So on behalf of all of our contributors may I wish you, our readers, a happy holiday and a peaceful and prosperous new year. See you in a bit.

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