The Friday Fillip: Twitter Titter

Having just enjoyed a challenging ice storm, I’m full of appreciation for Twitter and the role it plays in emergencies (and in daily life, which is a form of chronic, sub-clinical emergency, surely): what’s going on; what’s wanted, not wanted; what’s likely to happen in the immediate future — this is useful information.

But Twitter has a lighter side, because some people emit a steady stream of jokes; and some of the time these joke are pretty good, certainly good enough for a quick yuk or quiet smile, which are things not to be frowned on in the course of a working day. So, in no particular order, here’s a pick of half a dozen or so of these micromics for you check out and, perhaps, follow, at least for a while. Of course, there are hundreds more out there, so don’t hesitate to share the wit via comments to this fillip.

For each stream, I’ve picked what I think is a representative tweet. But to check the tweeters out you can click on any of their names below to be taken to that person’s Twitter page, where you’ll find a run of what they offer.

Bad Luck Brian – has, well, worse than no luck at all.

First World Pains – You know: the stuff that you fret about most of the time.

God – Who deals in stuff you should really worry about.

kelly oxford – Who wants to be the kind of girl Beyonce would be proud of.

Jason Sweeney – Who is Torontonian.

CC – Who is Canadian Cynic.

Greenwich Mean Time – Which really is. Mean.

. . . and because we’re on English time at the end here . . . and because it’s as simple-silly as possible:

Big Ben


  1. Modern Seinfeld

    What if Seinfeld were still on the air? (Tweets by @JackPMoore and @JoshGondelman.)