Resolve to Get Your Law Practice Off to the Best Possible Start

Professional liability claims can take the wind out of the sails of anyone’s legal career, but can be especially demoralizing for a new lawyer. Your best chance at avoiding claims is to develop great working habits right from the start. The December 2012 issue of LAWPRO Magazine proposed dozens of New Years’ resolutions for lawyers in every area of practice. We’ve reproduced a few excerpts relevant to newly-called lawyers here.

There are resolutions to avoid claims in particular areas of law (litigation, corporate/commercial, real estate, family law, wills/estates and crimina) as well as resolutions to run an efficient and successful practice (case management, not annoying clients, wellness & balance, controlling client expectations, documenting files, capturing more time and avoiding fee disputes).

Want more? Read the whole resolutions feature on the website (find it at

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