CBA Releases 6 Legal Health Checks for Members of the Public

As part of the CBA’s Reaching Equal Justice initiative, CBA just released 6 Legal Health Checks for members of the public. Similar to LAWPRO’s Annual Legal Health Check-up, these are intended to ensure people have the information and tools they need to recognize and avoid legal problems in the first place, and/or to prevent small problems from becoming bigger than they might have been.

There are 6 different health checks:

  • 5 steps to legal wellness – speaks to the reasons why smaller legal problems can snowball into much larger and more complex problems, particularly for already vulnerable people
  • On your own – youth – provides quick information on topics especially of interest to youth, with ways to find out more
  • Avoid surprises – builds awareness about the times when getting legal advice at an early stage can save money and aggravation later
  • Breaking up – encourages separating couples to reduce costs and stress by taking a reasoned approach
  • Breaking up: parenting – encourages separating couples to consider the impact of their next steps on their children, and
  • Before you buy – alerts home buyers to questions they should be able to answer before they sign.

For lawyers, these materials are a way to start conversations with people about the law, how to get legal help and how to work effectively with a lawyer. Detailed and open communications with clients will help set their expectations as to the process, timing, outcomes and costs of legal matter – and can help you avoid a malpractice claim.

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