Sub Nomine

Sub Nomine the Sub Nom rule is one of those delightful pieces of legal Latin that I quite enjoy. I like that two words in Latin can effectively sum up a legal thought that takes at least a sentence or two in English. Sub Nom is Latin for “under the name of” or in everyday parlance, “also known as”. The most recent case from the SCC that has caused a stir in legal circles, R v Spencer, 2014 SCC 43 in which the SCC rules that police organizations cannot simply ask ISPs for the IP information of subscribers and should obtain a warrant in order to obtain that information. This is a case that, in my opinion, is crying out for a sub nom and I’m going to use the Slaw platform to try and start a groundswell of support for R v Spencer to be more commonly known as: IP Freely.

Okay, okay, I know, bad pun but I spent formative years watching The Simpsons and if you can’t have a bit of word smithing fun on Summer Solstice eve, when can you? And really, IP Freely is perfect for this case, is it not? Where do we go to register sub noms?

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