Clio Conference More Than Food Trucks and Yoga

When my company started working with Clio back in 2008, I had a gut feeling they were onto something. But frankly, I never would have predicted the immense success this cloud-based software start-up would see over the next six years. Even without my admitted bias, I think most would agree that today, Clio has evolved into a major player in the legal software sector and one of the most engaged companies within the North American legal community. And by many accounts, they’re also the brains behind one of the most unconventional and enjoyable legal conferences we’ve seen to date.

It is my great pleasure to share some details on the upcoming Clio Cloud Conference, which will be held in Chicago this September 22nd and 23rd. With the tagline “Where forward-thinking lawyers and cloud technology converge,” the conference includes speakers whose names are pretty recognizable:

…plus many others whose names you might not know (yet), but whose insights and expertise will be of value. I attended last year’s inaugural conference and must admit, it was far more than I had expected. The programming and speakers were on par with other major conferences, but the ecosystem and scale surrounding the conference were far more intimate — one-on-one and small group conversations seemed to be taking place everywhere.

This year’s agenda includes three tracks: Business, Technology and Clio University, as well as what I considered the hidden gem last year, the “unconference” portion. While it’s billed as a user conference, I think there’s something for everyone here, regardless of whether they’re a Clio client. Session topics include:

  • tech trends for law firms
  • BYOD
  • customer service
  • accounting and billing tips and best practices
  • digital and content marketing
  • paperless offices
  • virtual communication and collaboration
  • entrepreneurship
  • career development
  • workplace culture
  • social media (both for personal use and legal process serving)

Also like last year, expect Clio to bring “the fun”. At what other legal conference have you done sunrise yoga, played pickup basketball, had a food truck breakfast, or caught a game from a skybox at Wrigley Field? After attending last year’s event, Mitch Kowalski remarked, “I’m still trying to figure out what I just witnessed—other than what I hope is the future of legal conferences.” That kind of head shaking was going around. Some of “the fun” was on the agenda; and some of it was intentionally held back as a surprise factor for attendees.

Finally, our friends at Clio have generously offered Slaw readers a $400 discount on registration (use discount code “CCC2014-SLAW” when you register). If you would like to learn more, visit

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