Smartwatch Week

The IFA – the European equivalent of the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show – starts Friday – although manufacturers have already started pre-show press conferences. A wide range of consumer electronics and appliances will be on display. The tech press will have extensive coverage, including CNET and engadget.

Smartwatches will be prominent. With Google’s recent launch of its Android Wear smartwatch operating system, several new smart watches are being announced. Some are updates of existing models, and some are new. Examples include the Asus ZenWatch and the Sony SmartWatch 3. Not to be outdone, Apple is expected to announce the iWatch at its own event Sept 9.

I want one – but am not quite sure yet which one. I’ll be watching the specs, prices, launch dates and reviews. Will this be the year that smartwatches take off? Is a smartwatch in your future?



  1. A watch that can tell the time is smart enough for me.

  2. There’s one left out here, David, that we’d love to introduce. Our Neptune Pine ( makes and receives voice calls, offers a full QWERTY keyboard (easily popping in and out of its wristband to make typing a breeze), boasts front and rear cameras AND is compatible with most Android apps as it runs Jelly Bean 4.1. Best part? It’s standalone so your smartphone can be left at home.