A Quick Graphic Overview of the CBA Legal Futures Report

Looking for a quick entry point into the Canadian Bar Association‘s “Futures: Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada“? Or maybe you’re the type that prefers a visual approach to learning and digesting information. Either way you will surely appreciate Margaret Hagan‘s infographic recently posted at the Open Law Lab.

The Open Law Lab is “an initiative to design law: to make it more accessible, more usable, and more engaging.” And if you are interested in infographics the Open Law Lab has a wonderful collection in their Visual Law Library. You can also contribute to this library by submitting things you’ve made yourself or suggesting visual representations of law that you may have found. The images are organized into areas of law ranging from administrative law to evidence, intellectual property to torts.

Hagan‘s CBA futures infographic is available in both English and French: the ultimate executive summary.


  1. That might be the most unreadable and useless infographic I have ever read.

    Was there some issue that prevented using a conventional typeface?