Vote for the 2014 ABA Journal Blawg 100

ABA Journal is holding its 8th annual Blawg 100 competition that allows readers to vote on the best legal blogs in 13 categories. Readers can register for free to be able to vote:

We [ABA Journal staff] remember the blogs that have tipped us off to breaking news and the bloggers who have compelled us to write about their innovative ideas.

And over the summer, we cue readers—and other bloggers—to write in and let us know about their favorites: When we can see their love for a blog is real and not a marketing hustle, it catches our attention.

Now, it’s time for you, the reader, to take a shot. Let us know what you think about our choices. Click here to peruse an alphabetical list. Each person gets a total of 13 votes, to distribute as they see fit among the blogs they like, with a limit of one vote per person, per blog. Once you’ve used all 13 votes, you’ll notice the “Vote Now!” buttons will disappear

Polls opened last Monday and will shut down at close of business on December 19.

So, if you read U.S.-based law-related blogs, here is your chance to help decide which are the best of the bunch.

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