2014 Clawbies Announced

clawbies2014In case we missed you on New Year’s Eve, the 9th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards (aka the ‘Clawbies’) were announced.

This year’s Fodden Award winner for the top overall Canadian blawg went to Double Aspect, the Canadian constitutional law blog of Leonid Sirota, a J.S.D. candidate at NYU School of Law. As usual, we chose winners and finalists for 3 practitioners, 3 practice blogs, 3 ‘new’ law blogs, and a series of topical and group awards.

You can visit Clawbies.ca to see the full list of this year’s winners & finalists.

Once again, there were many nomination posts and tweets that we waded through, which we kept a running tab of over on the Vancouver Law Librarian blog, the location of the original Clawbies so many years ago. (If you’d like to join me in going down memory lane, that first awards post is still online.)

New year’s eve 2015 will be our 10th edition of the Clawbies, and we’re hoping to have some fun with it. We’ve discussed having some kind of recognition of our ‘repeat winners’ or those blogs we exclude from selection, such as Slaw. We’ve also talked about identifying other types of digital commentary (i.e. twitter accounts); or perhaps blowing up the award categories altogether and starting from scratch! Nothing is written in stone yet, of course, but we certainly will do some exploring in the months ahead.

Happy New Year!

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