Practice Compassion

July 1 and Q3 begin after midnight. I cannot believe that the year is flying by so quickly, again. One strategy that is helping me to maintain focus with my very busy portfolio is to have a theme for the week. These themes are meant as reminders – I guess they are in the spirit of mindfulness – on ways to approach being part of a team/firm/practice/group.

Last month’s theme, it was a good one so it prevailed, was resilience. Picturing Dory from Finding Nemo singing “just keep swimming” was useful and entertaining. As far as resilience goes, the idea of to simply keep moving forward provides a solid focal point.

The theme this month (it is another good one so will persist past a week) is to practice compassion. I am gratefully borrowing it from my colleague Suzanne Thomas. There is no convenient theme song that comes to my mind for this theme, but it will stick regardless. As Kari Boyle posted last week: “because survival meant living in groups human brains are hardwired for group harmony”. Practicing compassion should be a natural facilitator of harmony.

Practicing compassion means that each knowledge sharing opportunity, each process change, each request I make of others will be based on the idea that the concerns of others must be part of my awareness. Practicing compassion includes the element of wishing to alleviate the suffering or misfortune of another. Will you practice compassion this month?

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