Trial Specialization as Innovation

Never has more been said about imminent innovation in the legal profession.

Chief Justice McLachlin’s address to the CBA in Calgary in August summarizes the recent discussion. She predicts that in the very near future straightforward out-of-court legal work will face “brutal” competition.

Even some in-court legal work could face stiff competition if trial specialization catches on here.

Trial Masters is a US organization headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that aims to bring objectivity to a field dominated by what it calls subjective peer review “old guard” rating services which are essentially “popularity contests”.

Membership in Trial Masters, by contrast, is based on the objective measure of experience in the courtroom over a period of time:

“Trial Masters is a group that lawyers can trust in their referral decisions, and the public can look to to differentiate trial attorneys from their case settling colleagues.”


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