Hello, My Name Is…

… Pulat Yunusov. This is my first blog post here. You may have read my columns on Slaw (A Proposal for Automated Online Dispute Resolution, Part 1; and What Is Blockchain and Why It’s Important for Law Practice) and a piece on the recent CBA startup competition.

Expect more of the same! I am interested in two things: how law practice is changing and how technology is affecting that change.

I spend most of my public-facing time in my litigation practice. When I founded it in 2011, I wanted to do a few things from scratch and tinker a bit. It worked and I hope to share the lessons on Slaw.

I am also an actual computer programmer who worked in tech full-time for seven years before law school. This experience has informed a lot of my law practice thinking. I still very much code.

You’ll see a lot of writing for lawyers, law students, judges, and other legal pros. The same pieces will be probably of interest to law tech investors, founders, and engineers. But occasionally, if I am good enough, I will write for the general public.

Thank you!

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