Environmental Law: Behind the Scenes at Ecojustice

Nice interview on the Talking Radical Radio podcast with staff lawyers Dyna Tuytel and Barry Robinson from the Calgary office of Ecojustice. I’ve briefly touched on the great work of Ecojustice in the past but for those who may not be familiar with this organization they describe their work as follows:

“Ecojustice goes to court and uses the power of the law to defend nature, slow climate change, and stand up for the health of our communities.

We pursue innovative cases that have the potential to set precedents nation-wide and deliver solutions to our most urgent environmental problems.”

Podcast host Scott Neigh talks to Tuytel and Robinson about “about the work of Ecojustice as a whole, about some of the environmental legal work that they themselves have been involved in, and about the broad outlines of what the law can and cannot be expected to accomplish when it comes to defending the earth.”

Ecojustice relies on funding primarily from individual donors and as Robinson notes “the work drives the fundraising and not the other way around.” Take a look at their recent casework and maybe consider supporting their work to reform environmental law and protect environmental rights.

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