Artificial Intelligence Series Starts Tonight at Glendon

For those of you in Toronto with a free evening there’s a series of talks starting tonight called “The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: How will Emerging Technologies Reshape Our Society and Ourselves” at the Glendon campus of York University.

There are three two-part, two hour sessions taking place Monday evenings as follows:

  1. Monday, February 6, 7- 9pm (York Hall rm. 204)
    Part I: How Will Machines that Perceive, Deep Learn and Reason Affect the Way People Live, Work and Communicate with One Another?
    Part II: Jobs at risk? Employment and the Workplace: How Will Technology Transform the Career Landscape?
  1. Monday, February 13, 7- 9pm (York Hall rm. 204)
    Part I: Technologies and Industries of the Future
    Part II: Economic and Social Aspects of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
  1. Monday, February 27, 7- 9pm (York Hall rm. 204)
    Part I: International Aspects of Artificial Intelligence: Conflicts and the Nation-State
    Part II: Ethical and Privacy Challenges

Free to attend. To register, visit

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