Women in Legal Tech

Women are underrepresented in legal technology companies. In the article Making the Future of Legal Tech Female: How We Can Promote Women Founders, Kristen Sonday discusses the dangers of the underrepresentation of women in legal technology companies. “Women currently account for less than 15% of legal tech founders overall.” This is problematic.

As we move from a print-based society to an Internet-based society, technology will change the way legal information is provided and created. If algorithms and AI systems are created by homogenous groups, then the law and legal services will be skewed. Homogenous groups that build the algorithms and the AI systems will create more blind spots in these programs.

Why the shortage?

The shortage of women in legal technology is partly due to a lack of capital investment. Sonday recommends highlighting women in legal tech and their accomplishments. This will encourage more women to join legal technology companies, create legal technology companies, and encourage more venture capitalists to invest in women.

“If technology is the future of the legal profession, then those who build it, will shape it”.- Sonday

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