Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Meurrens on Immigration 2. 3. Vancouver Immigration Law Blog 4. Excess Copyright 5. BC Injury Law Blog

Meurrens on Immigration
Applications for Extension of Authorization to Remain in Canada as a Temporary Resident

Regulation 181(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations provides that a foreign national may apply for an extension of their authorization to remain in Canada as a temporary resident if: the application is made by the end of the period authorized for their stay; and …
The Regulation of “Gas Utility” Transmission Pipelines in Alberta

This decision of the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) deals with a large gas transmission pipeline designed to provide additional gas supplies to the Wabamun area (principally to provide fuel for coal to gas conversions of existing coal-fired generating facilities and additional gas generation). The decision reveals the surprising complexity of gas transmission pipeline regulation in Alberta. …

Vancouver Immigration Law Blog
Is it Possible to Go From a Failed Refugee Claimant to an Economic Immigrant? (REVISED)

I revised this post on 6 August 2019. Thanks to fellow colleague Tess Acton for pointing out R. 209 (the work permit parallel to R.222). I’ve worked with this provision before. It goes to show that (a) don’t rush a blog before the long weekend; and (2) read and reread and fall on your sword. Thanks for the assist Tess!

Excess Copyright
Blacklock’s Tendentious and Tenacious Litany of Litigation – the Latest (Lack of) Developments

Here’s an update since my last blog concerning Blacklock’s “litany of litigation (as I have described it) against the Attorney General of Canada (“AGC”) and several federal agencies. On July 2, 2019 the Case Management Judge, Prothonotary Sylvie Molgat, directed that ‘”The parties are to provide, by no later than July 22, 2019, (i) a jointly proposed timetable leading up to the hearing of the Defendant’s motion for summary judgment; (ii) their joint availability for a case management conference; and (iii) an agenda of the issues to be discussed at the CMC.” …

BC Injury Law Blog
$100,000 Non-Pecuniary Assessment For Back Pain With Unsuccessful Surgical Intervention

Reasons for judgment were published today by the BC Supreme Court, Vancouver Registry, assessing damages for a chronic back injury sustained as a result of a collision. In today’s case (Gee v. Bock) the Plaintiff was involved in a 2014 collision. The Defendant admitted fault. The crash aggravated and worsened pre-existing back pain to the point of the Plaintiff undergoing disc replacement surgery which proved unhelpful. He was left with chronic symptoms. In assessing non-pecuniary damages at $100,000 Madam Justice Marzari made the following findings: …


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