A Rainbow in This Storm

It looks like we will be in isolation for a while. Let’s make the best use of this time. And here are five things to take to heart.

  1. I hope you like this photo I took from my friends balcony that overlooks the lake in Boca Raton. Maya Angelou’s words couldn’t be more perfect for these times, don’t you agree?

  1. Governor Cuomo reminded us to “Find ways to make a little joy.” So, I had a Zoom Cocktail Party. It was BYOB and dogs were welcomed! My friends we amazed that seeing one another made such a difference. I even had jazz playing in the background. I have a colleague who had a Zoom Dinner Party with his family who are all across the continent. Who would you like to have a virtual party with?
  2. One of my clients asked me if I had any ideas to help her focus and minimize the distractions while she works. You might find this helpful, too.
  3. How should we think about the future of our business? Well, here is a video of Simon Sinek speaking with his team about the Pandemic and their business. It’s 7 minutes and it’s awesome.


  1. I’d like to leave you with this. In case you missed it, here is a link to the incredibly moving rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine by Dr. Francois. Be one of his nearly 500,000 views.

Isn’t that heart warming?

I hope I added a rainbow to your day and gave you a break from the long days and weeks we are facing… alone together! Find a little joy and make good use of this time! If you would like to schedule a virtual coffee break together, shoot me an email.

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